5 Days of Jackets: Military Inspired Coat

Of the foundational coats that I have featured, the most trendy is a military inspired, preferable canvas, jacket. In addition to being the most trendy, it is also the most flexible in terms of choices. You can go for a chic high fashion appearing coat, the traditional army surplus, relaxed fit or almost anything in between. Mainly used as a lighter, day time jacket, the military inspired coat is essential for cooler, overcast days with light rain. For this coat your own research is crucial so check out those surplus stores and goodwill, but here are some ideas: Gap Military Jacket, J. Crew Meade Jacket, J. Crew Factory Sherpa-Lined Shrunken Twill Jacket, Madewell Penfield Kasson Tweed Jacket & Trouve Canvas Military Jacket.
Featured: J. Crew Factory Sherpa-Lined Shrunken Twill Jacket
S. Roderick

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