Puffer Jackets

At first glance, I was completely anti-puffer jackets, that was until I saw them worn the proper way. The main misconception of the puffer jacket is due to the coat's ability to be unflattering. The trick? Whenever you are wearing something loose or heavy on top, wear something fitted and flattering on bottom. For example a puffer jacket with skinny jeans. My favorites of this season's puffers: Billabong Big Ups, Gap Nylon Puffer Jacket, Gap Moto Puffer Jacket, Hurley Maverick Puffer Girls Jacket, O'Neill Cheyenne & Victoria's Secret Puffer Jacket.
Featured: Gap Moto Puffer Jacket

Side Note: Puffer jackets are make a statement without added length. In an effort to avoid the jacket overpowering your outfit, I refrained from posting longer coats.

S. Roderick

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