The Booze Bouquet

My best friend and dear roommate recently turned the big 2-1 and I thought what better way to welcome her to the year of her life than with flowers and some liquid courage. The challenge? How to put the two together. I started with an assortment of adorable miniature liquors, wrapped to perfection in sturdy, dark, worn-looking wires. I used 6 total to avoid giving her father a heart attack. Next, I arranged the golden sunflowers in a old-fashioned carafe. To complete the gift, I gently slid the wires into the bouquet with the pretty bottles showing through the petals and leaves. Verdict, she loved it! And what girl wouldn't? Classy and cute with lovely flowers for decor.
S. Roderick

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  1. So happy I still have some of those little bottles left! xoxo


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