A Three Day Weekend

One extra day to the weekend meant time for a d.i.y. I decided on glass etching. I started with two drinking glasses, one bottle of etching cream, q-tips, alphabet stickers, circle stencils, and tape.
1. make sure the glasses are debris free
2. tape your circle stencil to the outside of your glass, then place the your sticker of choice in the center of your stencil
3. using a q-tip, glob on the cream to the area inside your circle, it's ok to cover the sticker
4. wait 20 minutes or a little longer if you're worried
5. rinse the cream off with warm water, remove stencil and sticker and ta-da!

For my polka dot glass I dipped the q-tip in the cream and dotted my glass

You can also try taping off a square or triangle instead of a circle. I bought mustache stickers too that would be fun to have in the center. Get creative!

S. Roderick

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  1. WOW . . . you've gotten a whole lot better at this than you were at Christmas . . . xoxo


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