Bikini Season, Post 4!

Acacia Swimwear. Yet another brand to lust over. I know, you are wondering why I am teasing you with all of these impeccably designed swimsuits. Come June you WILL be thanking me. If nothing else, at least these pieces will keep you working toward summer! My favorites from Acacia: Kenya & Montauk Bikini in Vintage Aloha, Haena & Guadalupe Bikini in Melona, Lumahai & Kauai Bikini in Storm, Batu & Byron Bikini in Blue Cantik, Bordeaux One-piece in Hapa, Capetown One-piece in Thai
 Kenya & Montauk in Vintage Aloha
Haena & Guadalupe in Melona
Bordeaux in Hapa
S. Roderick

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