A Goyard Tale

On our Europe trip this past September, we found ourselves in Paris searching for the Goyard flagship store. Slightly thrown off when we noticed two Goyard stores, one across from the other, we located the true flagship and were on our way to making our purchase. Walking into the shop felt as if we had stepped back in time; it was if it had not changed from the day it opened. The wood floors creaked and vintage trunks were displayed in every corner. It was a breath of fresh air from most upscale designer shops. After an hour of wandering through the store and making big decisions, we left the idyllic, old shop to go about our day. Although I regret not treating myself to something (there is always next time), Alexander took home a shiny, new wallet.

Goyard, famous for its luxury trunks, was founded in the late 1700s under the House of Martin. Read more about the history of the oldest surviving Parisian trunk maker here.

Hope you enjoyed history story time,
S. Roderick

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