Instagram of the Month

I love when I start to follow an ultra-fascinating person or account on Instagram. From now on, I will share my finds with you all, so we can obsess over them together.

Recently, I stumbled across Hilaria Baldwin's Instagram. I knew a few facts about her: #1 She's Alec Baldwin's wife | #2 She's a new mom | #3 She's crazy about yoga (she wrote a book about prenatal yoga in 2013). Not enough to make me follow her on Instagram, until I saw her photos.

Apparently at the beginning of the year she made a vow to do a yoga pose a day, no matter where she is. On an airplane at 35,000 feet, on top of a conference room table, or in her town car on the phone, nothing can stop this woman from her goal. My favorites are when she poses with her baby.

So follow her, you never know where yoga will take her!
S. Roderick

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