Little Black Beanie

I've been a crazy hat lady lately (see what I did there?). I've worn this little beanie just about every day this week. Every morning I glance at my wool baseball cap just wishing my ears wouldn't freeze off if I wore it, but I'm a reasonable person, so I opt for this beanie instead. It's insane how much warmer I am with a beanie on than without one. It's the difference between shivering my entire 20 minute walk home and walking with a skip in my step, happily listening to my iPod. If I'm living somewhere cold next year, I will be stocking up on beanies, but at least until then I have big hats in the summer months to look forward to!

Sweater: Gap (similar)|Vest: J.Crew|Jeans: J.Crew|Shoes: Target|Beanie: Brixton (made in the USA!)|Necklace: Madewell (old, but this one is fun!)

S. Roderick

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