The Cronut

When we decided to plan a trip to NYC, eating a Cronut flew to the top of my list of things when we went. Since we stayed at our cousin's house in New Jersey, we hopped on the train at the crack of dawn to wait in the line that we knew would be there. We made it to Dominique Ansel just before 9 o'clock, rumor had it Cronuts sellout around 10 a.m. every morning. It was my sister, Kelsey, Alexander and I who waited in line for an hour to taste the Internet-hyped beauties. Oh, what I would do to have one right now. We tried the salted caramel flavor and it was insanely better than I imagined. A definite must for any trip to New York.

 I snapped a couple of photos while we waited.

Cronut Tips:
~ Dominique Ansel is the original
~ At Dominique Ansel there is a 2 per person limit on Cronuts
~ The flavor changes monthly
~ Make sure to get there early and bring good company

S. Roderick

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