House into Home: Little Living Room Lovin'

At this point in my life, putting money into my living room is neither a priority nor practical. I live with two other girls, and when college ends, we'll all be taking our belonging in every which way. And I'm not sure if you've heard this, but college students treat furniture similar to how they treat their health. . . not well. Who wants to invest money into something that won't be taken care of? So I find myself cooing over the lovely photos on Pinterest and longing for the days of beautiful things. Hey, a girl can dream!

Here are a few living rooms that I love for a young couple or a new family. They are smaller, and slightly nicer without being too expensive looking.
 Emily Henderson (check her out. I'm obsessed!)

P.S. I have a targeted taste. I lean towards navy, black and neutrals.

S. Roderick

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