Is it Warm Yet?

Some people prefer dressing for cold weather there are more articles of clothing to experiment with, they get to go buy a new coat, and let's not forget boots. Me, I could wear summer-style clothing year round. I don't mind bundling up on vacation, but for everyday wear, I find it much more enjoyable to wake up to a sparkling sun and a comfortable temperature.

We had some warm weather Monday, and I got a little too excited. The following day was dramatically cooler, and let's just say a thin, silk top and a jacket with no insulation may not have been a smart choice. At least the warmer months aren't far off.

Top:MADEWELL (similar)|Jacket:J.CREW|Pants:GAP|Loafers:GAP (I like these)|Sunglasses:RAY-BAN

S. Roderick

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