Bread and Butter

Whole grain bread with almond butter, blueberries and a drizzle of honey

Whole grain bread with mini heirloom tomatoes, Swiss cheese, lettuce and an egg
 Whole grain bread, slow-roasted mini heirloom tomatoes, a burrata drizzled with balsamic

Finals week seems to drain every ounce of inspiration and creativity from my body. I have a tendency to check out of school early, which is why finals week is an ineffective measure of my knowledge. Who chose to bombard students with essays, projects and exams all in a single week?

I can almost always be found baking something sweet or expressing my frustration through my meals during that week. This time around, my tool of choice has been bread. My grades may not be perfect, but at least my food tastes delicious.

My other tip for finals week, lots of exercise! Gym, bike ride, walk, run, whichever you choose!

S. Roderick

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