Eugene, Oregon's Best Restaurants

Eugene, Oregon may not be a prime travel destination, but if you find yourself driving up the I-5 on the west coast, the city's uniqueness requires a short stop. It's home to the University or Oregon, energized by the local food movement, and swarming with interesting people. Yes, some are hippies. Walk through the Saturday Market or check out the college, but don't leave without trying one of my favorite restaurants.

Because the local food movement is highly-encouraged in Eugene, many restaurants have menus that vary seasonally. I love this idea because it means I get to try something new every time I go eat. Many restaurants are also rather innovative, and the chefs have fun with their recipe creations. Eugene is singularly responsible for my new-found food obsession; I hadn't tasted real food until I came here.

Enjoy a fancy, French-inspired evening by dining at this elegant rstaraunt, nestled in the 5th Street Market. Marché has amazing drinks (try one) that aren't your average cocktails. It also changes the menu according to the season, and although we didn't know what some of the items were, we're positive everything is wonderful. 
Tip - This place can be pricey. For a more affordable option, visit for brunch. 

Any Thai fans out there? Enjoy some incredible Thai food, while hanging out in a trendy environment. The drinks here are also awesome. Something about Eugene and cocktails mixes well. You'll find traditional Thai dishes and some tasteful twists. The perfect blend of classic and modern taken to a whole new level.  

Papa's Soul Food
If you're up for a good time, this is your place! Cluttered with Southern memorabilia throughout, this charismatic soul food mecca (to Eugene) is one of Eugene's finests. The smells of fried chicken, collard greens and grits roam from within, giving you a taste of the South that you didn't know existed in the Northwest.
Tip - If you're here when the sun is shining, sit on the back deck. They may even have live music

S. Roderick

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