Overwhelming Adventure

Since I will be graduating with my degree in PR this spring, I have started my job search. It is both scary and exciting. I'm trying not to expect much from my first job, but it's difficult not to. Myself and graduates like me, have been studying for years to get to this point. We hear friends and classmates talking about dream jobs they have been offered and think, "wait, why don't I have that?" Everybody is working towards different things, we all have different connections, which means we all end up in different places. Sometimes near, sometimes far, but it is all a tad bit overwhelming. We're separating from what we've known for the past 4 years and that is anything but comfortable.

Nonetheless, this is the best time to remain optimistic; anything can happen. We are somewhat in control of our futures. We have the ability to turn down jobs, to ask for some time or to accept. And who is to say that once we accept a job we will stay with it forever? College may have been the time to experiment socially, physically and maybe even mentally, but now is the time to experiment with the jobs and tasks that we enjoy; to apply our skills and find out what suits us best. I don't know about you, but I think that is pretty awesome.
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S. Roderick

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