It's true, I am the absolute last person to try GLAMGLOW. I saw it in our bathroom after reading all about this "miracle mud" on Pinterest and begged my roommate to give it a go so she could tell me how it works. After a few days, my other roommate got some in the mail. That was it. I had serious FOMO. I had to get some, but the price! So, I opted for a tester size to see how my sensitive, eczema-prone skin responded to it.

There are many products in the GLAMGLOW family. I tried the clearing treatment, also called "SUPERMUD." As a mask, I did not see a significant decrease in the appearance of my blackheads or any other blemish. My skin was softer and brighter, but it didn't do the job I needed it to do. On the plus side, it did not irritate my skin at all.

I decided to try the product as a spot treatment. Success! I now use it 2-3 times a week after I shower and wash my face. I dab a bit on any blemishes I have and usually rub it off a little after it dries (because I forget I have it on my face). Later on, I use a warm wash cloth to remove the remaining dried mud from my face. My blemishes don't immediately disappear, but they diminish more quickly than with any other product. I also found that my blemishes are less irritated after using SUPERMUD.

I am eager to try more GLAMGLOW products to use as masks. This one just wasn't the right mask for me, but I'll get my use out of it as an awesome spot treatment.

S. Roderick

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