Brewing a Perfect Cup

It's a shame, but coffee bothers my stomach. Chai lattes and earl grey lattes are my drink of choice at coffee shops, but at home it is pure tea all of the way. A cup of earl grey in the morning followed by a cup of chamomile at night. It's an almost daily routine. So, it's shocking that I only learned how to brew tea the correct way last year. Now, I'm sharing my tea-brewing knowledge with you.

Begin with your tea bag or tea leaves of choice and boiling water. Place your tea bag in your cup and pour in the hot water. Immediately cover with a small plate and steep. Note that different kinds of teas steep for different amounts of time. I used earl grey and this one steeps 3-5 minutes. This page tells you how long your type of tea needs to steeps. Once your tea is done steeping, carefully remove the plate and add sweeter, lemon, milk or enjoy the natural aroma!

S. Roderick

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