House into Home: Simple Ways to Dress up Your Home

Being a fashion-loving girl on a budget, I know how tough it is to come home every day to a place that doesn't fit your taste. Thankfully, I discovered a few simple ways to help your home match your style.
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1. Keep Pretty Flowers Around: Fresh flowers have been my interior obsession this spring. The best part? They're inexpensive to replace! Trader Joe's and Costco have great, affordable options. Don't have a vase? Me either, so I use an empty Disaronno bottle or a Mason jar. Find something that works with your style that can hold flowers, you probably have a neat container laying around your house.

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2. Use your Books: You don't have to read to enjoy books. Picture books, pretty magazines and novels can look gorgeous on coffee tables. Gather your texts and choose a color scheme from your selection. If you feel like splurging on a coffee table picture book, you can check out my favorites.

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3. Say "Yes" to Candles: Candles are a double threat. They looks pretty and make your home smell wonderful. Target has great inexpensive options, but spend a little extra, and you can get a Voluspa candle. Take it a step further, you won't be using your fireplace this summer. Fill it with different height and width pillar candles for a new look.

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4. Refresh your Dish Towels: Most people have dish towels somewhere in their kitchen, basically on display. These mess helpers get dirty and worn out quickly. Not a good look. Buying a couple new towels is a small update that can change the entire feel of your kitchen. Try a bright color for spring and always grab at least one patterned or printed towel to spice things up.

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5. Stash your Clutter: Hide objects that are unappealing or anythings you don't want to see when you walk into your home after a long day at work. Baskets, closets, cupboards, we have a number of options for storing unpleasant, but useful objects. You could even pick up one of those ottomans that has storage space hidden inside.

6. Buy Statement Coasters: Kitchen or living room, coasters work in either. Explore Pinterest and you'll find too many statement coasters. Agate coasters, vintage coasters, initial coasters, the gang is all there! If you want a D.I.Y. try these coasters.

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