In the Kitchen: The Surf

Growing up in Huntington Beach, we had a go-to breakfast spot called Sugar Shack. It's located a few blocks up from the beach and always has a line. In the early morning it is flooded with older men drinking coffee and reading the paper, but wait a little and it's a post-surf session hot spot.

Whenever we went to Sugar Shack, whether it was with friends or family, my sisters and I each ordered a "Surf" (this drink is also called Maui Coffee at another breakfast favorite, The Bread Crumb). It's a simple drink: half coffee and half hot chocolate, always served with whipped cream.

I'll occasionally make a shortcut version of a surf to remind me of home. I am impatient, so I just add everything together and stir. Although I didn't use whipped cream here (trying to cut out some extra fat & sugar), it's essential to the drink.
When we were sippin' on one of these, life couldn't get any better.

S. Roderick

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