Modern Necessity: Glass Water Bottle

I'm a little late for Earth Day, but caring about the planet goes beyond one day a year. One of the easiest things we can do for the earth is ditch the plastic water bottles. I used them all throughout high school, and it wasn't until reusable water bottles became cool that I actually purchased one. Now, there are two things that I lose more than anything else: reusable water bottles and umbrellas. I leave them in class rooms, at the gym, on the ground in some random locations. . . yes, it's bad. So when it comes to spending money on a water bottle, you might ask why. It's a simple reason, I've never lost one of my stylish reusable water bottles. Maybe spending a little extra to get a quality water bottle will help you out while doing a little for everyone else.

What I own: Lifefactory available at Whole Foods

What I have my eye on: BKR

Tip: I stay away from the straw caps because of the germs that can get trapped inside. If you have one, make sure you clean it properly and often.

S. Roderick

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