Product Review: COOLA Mineral Sunscreen

Last month I got a lovely surprise in my Birchbox, COOLA Mineral Sunscreen. The sample I found in my box was unscented and matte, which is perfect for my sensitive skin. Although it is a natural BB cream, it is extremely light and airy, great for spring and summer heat. This product completely shocked me when I first tried it. It comes out as a liquid, but feels like a powder when you put it on your face. In the summer, liquids can be so heavy, and your skin doesn't need all of that added moisture like it does in the winter. The light, comfortable formula makes me forget I'm wearing it, but also makes my skin feel soft and smooth. Needless to say, I'm crazy about this product. The price is high, but the comfortable formula with spf 30 has sold me on buying a full-sized one of these for the sunny months.

S. Roderick

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