Tips for Selling Books on Amazon

My room, like any college student's, is cluttered with text books. Text books that I don't plan on ever opening again. I'll admit there is a small selection that I plan on keeping, but for the most part, they are gold mines resting unused.

I've been selling my books on Amazon since sophomore year of college, and I have had a fair amount of success. It's always a treat to have a sum of money magically appear in my bank account. Selling your textbooks on Amazon helps you make money, and most of the time, it helps other students purchase books for a decent price. Here are a few tips that have helped me make money on Amazon.
1. Buy the best used books you can find. This way, when it comes time to sell they'll already look better than the rest of the used books.
2. Avoid highlighting, folding pages and making marks. Unless you absolutely have to, keep your books in the best condition possible.
3. Take care of your books. Be aware of how you treat your books. Don't shove them in your backpack or throw them around.
4. Match the lowest price for your book's condition. This will help you sell you books quickly, without sacrificing profit. You want to sell fast, before new editions of your books come out.
5. Revisit your prices around the beginnings of school terms/semesters. Make sure you have good prices when school is getting ready to start; this is when students will be looking for books.
6. Check your email regularly. To avoid shipping an item late and having to refund the buyer, stay on top of your sales.
7. Buy packaging supplies when they are on sale. You get money for packaging, but Amazon also takes money. This helps you get the most out of your sale.
8. Always go to USPS, and mention it is a book. There are book rates and most of the time they are the cheapest way to ship your book.

S. Roderick

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