Best Chai in Eugene

Over the past few weeks, I've headed to many coffee shops in Eugene in search of the best chai latte.

Since what is heavenly to me might not be your cup of tea (pun intended), I've provided a run-down, cup by cup.

1. Perugino: They have a house-made spicy chai that has a comparably thinner consistency. The customer service here is friendly and warm, plus they draw designs in your mug. Recommend ordering hot rather than iced.
2. Coffee Plant Roaster: They have a variety of milk options, and offer a thicker chai, but this may vary by milk choice. The chai flavor was subtle, but sweet.
3. Brails Espresso: This one was the favorite. I ordered it with almond-cashew milk. This chai had a balanced flavor; not too sweet, not too spicy. It also was the perfect texture and consistency.
4. Daily Bagel: This place has speedy service and a chai at a great price (*ahem* cheaper than Starbucks). It's a lighter, thinner chai with a moderate spicy taste. Downside: they don't have mugs.
5. Allann Bros (the Beanery): There are many Allen Bros locations in Eugene, we went to the Beanery. This is a wonderful chai if you prefer yours extra thick and creamy.

Where should I try next?

S. Roderick

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