Coping with Stress Tips

I've struggled with stress issues my entire life. In middle school, my stress reached a point where I was taken out of school to be homeschooled. Stomach aches, eczema flare ups, uncontrollable crying, my stress comes in many different forms. Even though I still occasionally become overwhelmed by my stress (sophomore year my eczema was at an all-time worst), I have discovered a few ways to help me cope with it. Everyone has to deal with stress differently; what may work for me, might not work for you, but here are some tips on how I cope with my stress.

- Do Yoga: Child's pose,in particular. Among others (corpse, eagle, dolphin), child's pose helps relieve my stress. Yoga in general forces me to quiet and calm down, and most importantly, breath.
- Drink Trader Joe's Bedtime Tea: With a chamomile and a hint of mint, this tea is perfect for calming stress and anxiety. It has no caffeine, making it wonderful to drink anytime of the day.
- Go for a walk: Sometimes I get so overwhelmed inside my own space that I just need to get out. Taking a brisk walk helps clear my mind, while getting clean, fresh air.
- Accomplish one "to-do": After I've gained control of myself a bit, I find it incredibly helpful to focus on conquering one task on my to-do list. This could be as simple as folding my clothes or vacuuming my room. Being able to check something off of my list helps put me back in control.
- Get comfortable: Because of my eczema, a lot of times my stress is caused by what I'm wearing. A necklace around my neck, an itchy sweater or tight pants can all cause me to go over the edge. Changing into something more comfortable helps calm my irritation, which eventually calms me down.

Getting control of your stress is highly challenging, and sometimes we can't control it. Trying different solutions and changing your diet may also help manage your stress. I haven't found my special recipe, but I'll just keep trying new things until I do.

S. Roderick


  1. When doing yoga, any type of forward fold (child's pose, down dog, standing or seated forward fold etc) is energetically calming. Get in one of these and concentrate on your breath: inhale deep, bringing in vitality and renewed energy, and exhale out all of the stress and tension. By controlling your breath with long, deep inhales you switch your body to the parasympathetic nervous system: the nervous system that tells your brain and body to rest and relax! It counteracts the flight or flight nervous system that sends your body into stress mode :)

    1. Thanks for this great information! I used to be able to go to yoga classes all of the time, but now I only have time to do it at home. I miss the yoga education you get with classes.


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