Friendly Opportunity

This past weekend Alexander and I had visitors.

We love showing Eugene to our friends and taking them to all of our favorite spots, so when we heard Alex's best friend Danny and his girlfriend Mari were coming for a visit we immediately began planning. We get pretty excited when people come to visit, mostly because we only go out on special occasions. We took them to our favorite restaurant, to Voodoo Doughnut and wine tasting. It was slightly hectic because finals are coming up, but when opportunity comes knocking, who can ignore it? Especially the opportunities to spend time with friends and family. College has made us cherish these rare moments more than ever. Which is why we took a ten day trip to the East Coast for my cousins wedding this past fall. Yes, we may be seniors with jobs and full work load, but all of that can get in the backseat when it comes to spending time with those we care about.
Photos by Celina Stilphen
top: ANNE TAYLOR LOFT (similar) | coat: G.E.T. | pants: GAP | flats: J.CREW (similar)
S. Roderick

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