Modern Necessity: Voluspa Candle

After a long week of work, school and errands, I want nothing more than to practice some yoga with a Voluspa candle burning nearby.

I have never found a Voluspa candle that I didn't like, but the pattern on this one fit perfectly in my room. One thing I love about Voluspa is that like expensive candles, they don't smell soapy, but they are affordable.

We have a few Voluspa candles laying around our home (among many, many other candles), and they have become essential to my relaxation routines. Whether I want to melt into a steaming hot bath or wind down with a glass of wine, a Voluspa candle is always invited. 
Some great Voluspa candles: Sake Lemon Flower | French Cade Lavender |
 French Bourbon Vanille | Japanese Plum Blossom | Crisp Champagne

S. Roderick


  1. I love Voluspa candles!!! And totally agree, you can definitely never have too many. French Bourbon Vanille and Branche Vermeil are my faves. They layer really well together and with Baltic Amber. Great review!!

    1. Ooo! I like that idea. I was thinking about getting one of the French Bourbon Vanille next!

    2. You definitely should! Voluspa French Bourbon Vanille is amazing!!!!! Absolutely the best vanilla candle out there - hands down. It's super sophisticated and elegant. It's nothing like most vanilla candles that smell so cheap. If you get it, let me know what you think!


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