I have a constant feeling of disorganization. It's weird because I'm a relatively organized person, but for some reason I always feel like I can simplify. My closet, my computer, my school supplies, they're all just too much. Sometimes I think saving just one more Word document will crash my computer. I quickly hit the save button while closing my eyes, and gather the courage to open one eye after the other to find my computer is still alive. Phew.

So, I started cleaning, again. It's an endless process; something in my life can always be simpler. Last week I started with my computer photos, and this week I plan to face my closet. After graduation in June, I will finally be able to say goodbye to my hoarded stash of graded papers, handouts and books. At least I know that after all of this is over I'll be done, right? Like I said, endless process.
top: J.CREW (same cut) | shorts: MADEWELL (these are fun) | sandals: FOREVER21 (love these) | bag: H&M | necklace: gift

S. Roderick

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