California Oranges

Have you ever had fresh squeezed orange juice? The kind that comes from an orange that was picked five minutes ago, from a tree that you can see if you peek outside?

In the summer, there are few things I crave more. The trees we have in our backyard go beyond oranges. We have grapefruit, pink lemon, apple and a couple different types of oranges (hey, we do live in Orange County). Although my dad has fun mixing them, I prefer the purity of the stand-alone orange.

As delicious as oranges are, they aren't the only items that look good in an orange hue. These shorts would give them a run for their money.
 shirt: ALTERNATIVE APPAREL || button-up: GAP - similar || shorts: J.CREW || sandals: TARGET || necklace: MADEWELL

S. Roderick

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