Kool-Aid Stained Lips

I love trying fun, inexpensive new beauty tricks. Especially ones I can buy at the grocery store.

So when I found the idea for Kool-Aid Stained Lips on the Beauty Department, I HAD to try it (and so did my coworker after I shared it). I searched multiple grocery stores until I found the Kool-Aid single packs, and then waited for the perfect opportunity to try it out: a hot Saturday afternoon.

I ripped into the package like a kid on Christmas morning, but was shocked to feel the pain that began immediately after touching the Kool-Aid to my lips. I don't know if it was an allergic reaction or if my lips were unknowingly chapped, but boy it stung! I left it on long enough to take pictures, but couldn't work on perfecting my lip shape.

If you're willing to assume it was an allergic reaction and still want to give it ago, here is what I did:
Start with well nourished lips.
 Grab your Kool-Aid color of choice. Each one will give you a different shade.
 Dip a clean finger in some water.
 Follow immediately with dipping your finger in the Kool-Aid and applying to lips.
You can use a Q-tip to smooth the edges and blend the color. But as you can tell, mine are far from perfect but it burned so badly I just wanted to get it over with. If I'm brave enough to try it again, I'll take a better picture.

S. Roderick

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