Slice of Home: My Sister

I was in Utah earlier this week, and I always enjoy visiting the homes of others and seeing their unique styles.

While I was there I stayed the night at my sister's house. Kelsey has always had eclectic taste in her home decor, and her new home is no exception, even though her roommate was in charge of the decorating.

Although I prefer to keep my own home much simpler, and overall my taste differs from my sister's, I can still appreciate the color frenzy and DIY-obsessed creativity that make up Kelsey's current home. Here are a few photos I snapped of her humble abode in Salt Lake City.
Party flags were hung from the ceiling of both the kitchen and the living room.
I loved this detailed mirror and the yarn art.
These cups were possibly my favorite touch. They're so Mad Men.
S. Roderick

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