The Cookie Trend

I'm pretty big on sweets trends, and you know I've tried one of those flakey, delicious, goodness-filled Cronuts. So I can't help but notice a new fad popping up.

While I was in Salt Lake City everyone I talked to had a new favorite cookie store. These aren't just your typical chocolate chip cookies, they are gourmet, innovative gooey treats. While I was there, I went to two shops: RubySnap and SmartCookie.

Although both had decadent cookies, they were both unique in their own way. RubySnap names all of its cookies after women's names in the 60s (e.g. Betty, Peggy). I felt like the cookies were named after Mad Men characters. The cookies themselves had crazy combinations like a spicy chocolate cookie called the Frida. The best part about RubySnap? They give out samples! Note, you could fill up on the samples alone

SmartCookie was a little more mainstream. The location we visited was in a shopping center with a movie theater. Although it didn't have the fun theme of RubySnap, its cookies speak for themselves. The almond cookie looks like your basic sugar cookie with frosting and slivered almonds, but this dangerous goodie completely melts in your mouth. They have a few flavors of cookies with frostings, but they also have your everyday cookies. They also sell day old cookies in bags of three for a great price!
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With all of this cookie craziness I can't help but thing a cookie trend is on the horizon.

S. Roderick

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