Affording Diptyque

photo from Nordstrom
The other night while visiting a local brewery with some friends, I took a poll of how much was too much to spend on a single candle.

While most of my friends' answers averaged around $40, I was hoping for something a little higher. The truth is I've been lusting over Diptyque candles since visiting Paris last summer, but I can't get past the price. I mean, $60 for a standard-sized candle? Is there some kind of price error??? Unfortunately, no.

So I did what any sane, candle-craving human would do, spent hours sifting through the internet looking for deals on the heavenly candles. Aside from sample sales that happen in NYC, finding Diptyque candles at affordable prices is incredibly difficult.

I finally came to the conclusion that buying any of these candles must be considered a splurge with the best "deal" being one of the votive sets like this and this. Or if I'm feeling REALLY generous this set. On the other hand, there is always Ebay. . .
photo from Diptyque
What are your thoughts? How much would you spend on a single candle? Or maybe you're already sitting on your couch with a Diptyque candle burning beside you.

S. Roderick

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  1. That is a lot for a candle!!!!! I only really buy Yankee Candles and their most expensive one is £20, so that's how much I would spend I guess! They are massive and last for ages as well!

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