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Being one of four girls, our bathroom cabinet is never empty of beauty supplies. So how could we not have great creams, face washes and masks when we have enough beauty products to fill a small pharmacy?

There is no easy way to test the beauty products you want, so you end up with full-sized, useless beauty products littered throughout your home. Sure, Birchbox is an awesome way to try new products, but you can't choose to try the samples that you think may work. Let's also not forget that testing out a product can be a lengthy experiment that calls for more than a sample size.

So how do you trust beauty products without testing them out? My sensitive, eczema-prone skin forces me to over analyze all of my product purchases, but half of the time I'm still left with a product that falls short of my expectations. I don't mean to complain - I've found some gems during my search - but my beauty toolbox is still lacking.

To ease my beauty frustration (and hopefully help you with yours) I'm going to amp up my beauty posts by focusing on three beauty categories: moisturizer, wash and mask. Please feel free to recommend any products you think I should try, and join me in my search.

Now if only I could figure out what to do with all of my bad products?

S. Roderick

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