Cucumber Lemonade

For the iced tea party my friend Julia and I hosted last week I tried my hand at a not-so-average lemonade recipe: Cucumber Lemonade.

Using this recipe that I found through Glitter Guide, I dove right into making the iconic summer refresher with a twist. It turned out to be less of a hassle than I expected, but I did make a few adjustments.

Instead of 10 cups of water, I used six and then poured the elixir over a generous amount of ice. Since our lemonade sat in a bottle on the table, this helped keep it cool without watering it down.

If you're crazy for cucumber (since you're reading this, you may be), I would up the ante of slices to around 20. The 12 slices add a very light cucumber hint.

Lastly, for an extra zing, muddles some mint leaves and add them to the lemonade. They'll make the drink all the more refreshing and also make a lovely garnish!

NOTE: The lemons from our tree are pink lemons. Don't forget to check out tips for hosting an iced tea party of your own!

S. Roderick

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