The other day I went to happy hour with my friend Sam who works at Madewell. We got to talking about how she doesn't blow all of her money there and lucky for me, she shared her secret.

One of her coworkers created a list of essential pieces (e.g. a basic black bootie, a perfect pair of skinny jeans) that she has to buy before anything else. So if a pretty floral dress comes in and it isn't on the list, she keeps her card in Madewell tote (it was on the list).

Since hearing about her list, I have been creating an essentials list of my own. One of the key pieces on my list was a pair of light/medium wash skinny jeans. Of my collection of skinny jeans, not one pair is light or medium. Fortunately while birthday shopping with my mom the other day, I found this great pair of Joe's Jeans at Nordstrom Rack. The jean gods blessed me!
jeans: JOE'S (this pair for a lighter look) || top: MADEWELL || sandals: TARGET || necklace: MADEWELL (LOVE this one) || sunglasses: CRAP || other jewelry: FLEA MARKET

S. Roderick

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