Fall Flowers

My friend Carley spent her summer working at a floral shop in Long Beach. So when I asked her to help me with a fall flower arrangement, she jumped at the opportunity to show off everything she learned.

After a short stop at a local wholesale flower store, we had everything we needed to dive in. Being new (but so intrigued) to floral arrangements I was interested to gather some tips and tricks from Carley.

We had so much fun talking about flowers and putting together these fall-inspired arrangements. Here are a few things I picked up from Carley:

1. Fill your vase 3/4 of the way with water before adding your flowers.

2. You can use ti leaves to hide flower stems in your vase.

3. Your filler flowers are the first flowers to go into your vase.

4. Go for fun, statement flowers for a unique arrangement.

5. It looks better to add flowers in odd numbers.

6. Go with what looks good. You learn through trial and error.

Extra tip: Carley says if you want a more affordable bouquet, use more filler flowers and fewer statement flowers.

S. Roderick

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