Gift from my Uncle

My dad's brother passed away before my mom and him met. Although I never met him, each member of our family owns beautiful relics that remind us of his passion and life.

My uncle taught in Navajo land in Arizona for many years. He loved the people there, and based on the number of Navajo possessions he owned, I can tell the love was reciprocated. Turquoise rings, silver belt buckles and printed rugs can now be found throughout our home.

As we got older, my Nana (my dad's mom) became more comfortable with passing some of the beautiful pieces down to us. This blue pouch is one gift she gave me a few years ago. Its bright colors enchanted me, and I knew it would be a valued addition to my closet. I don't bring it out often, but when I do I prefer to let the colors and design steal the show.

top: AMERICAN APPAREL // shorts: MADEWELL (old) // sandals: SALTWATER // clutch: STORY ABOVE // necklace: MADEWELL (similar)

S. Roderick

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