Ice Cubes with a Twist

I've arrived at that point in life where friends and family have MAJOR things happening in their lives. From engagements to living in other countries, we have a lot to celebrate and be thankful for. 

And most importantly, parties to plan! So I've been busy conquering my D.I.Y. and recipe Pinterest boards, pin by pin. First up, these flavored ice cubes! I've seen the coffee cubes time and time again, but never owned an ice cube tray to try them with. I know, who doesn't own an ice cube tray? While I was picking up the coffee beans, I grabbed a chai tea concentrate, chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, and almond milk. In total I made espresso cubes, chai cubes, chocolate milk cubes, and caramel milk cubes.
The espresso and chai are as simple as you assume. For the chocolate and caramel I wanted to make the cubes super concentrated so I could pour milk/almond milk over them and be done. I poured half syrup and half milk/almond milk into a protein shake shaker, put the lid on, and shook vigorously until combined. These cubes weren't as solid as the others, but they still work fine for drinks!

Recently my favorite drink to make with these cubes is pouring almond milk over 1 caramel cube + 2 chai cubes + 2 espresso cubes. It's like an iced caramel dirty chai latte!

S. Roderick


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  2. These look amazing! Such a good idea. xo, Hayley dailydoseofdarling.com

    1. Thanks! The chai ones are my favorite!

      - Shae

  3. Hope you enjoy and get more reasons to celebrate! :)

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