How to Keep Your Cool

Hot to Orange County may not be the same as hot to Las Vegas or another desert location, but boy does it feel like it! We've been in the 90s, and many of us don't own air conditioners, so I thought I'd share some ideas for how to keep cool during this pre-fall heat.

1. Luckily, we live near the ocean, so taking a dip in the cool salty water is well within our reach. For those who don't have a body of water in their backyard, find a friend with a pool, see if you can get a day pass to a local hotel pool or take a day trip to lake, beach or river.

2. It's important to keep hydrated, but sometimes water gets old fast. This Cucumber Lemonade is equally refreshing, and it has enough water to help you stay hydrated. Make a batch in the morning for your family to sip on all day.

3. If the bedrooms in your home are on a higher floor, the heat may make it hard to sleep. It's usually pretty easy to clear some space in a room on a lower level to set up camp for a cooler night. Or better yet, pitch a tent in your backyard for a night or two.

4. Baking or using the oven for anything is off the table. You don't need to add any extra, unnecessary heat to your home. Salads are perfect, light dinners that will refresh you and maybe even cool you down.

5. Go barefoot (at least while you're at home). Nothing feels as great as cold tile touching your feet on a hot day.

Hope these tips, along with some fans and opened windows, help you keep your cool!

S. Roderick

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