John Masters Organics Moroccan Clay Purifying Mask

All of my skin issues have led me to exploring natural, organic, gentle products. And those products only.

 After seeing reviews pop-up in magazines and on the Internet, I decided to try out John Masters Organics. Since I've never had a reaction to a face mask I chose to try John Masters Organics Moroccan Clay Purifying as my first product. I also read that when you order products from the John Masters website you get samples with your order.

Although I've only used it twice (once a week as recommended), the results have been less than superb. I will say that it is gentle on my skin with no irritation. I also like that it washes off easily. On the other hand, I haven't noticed a difference in my skin tone, texture or blemishes. I'm also surprised that with a price of $30 a pop, you don't get very much product.

I spent the money on it, and it doesn't irritate my skin, so I'll continue to use it until I empty the jab. Whether or not I will buy it again is yet to be seen. Have you tried any John Masters Organics products? I'd love to hear if any of worked well for you.

S. Roderick


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