Lucky Subscription

Have you ever found a random magazine, catalog or newsletter in your mail slot? Perhaps one that you didn't remember signing up for?
It's not a frequent occurrence, but last week Lucky Magazine found its way to my home. . . with my name on it. So, I guess I have a Lucky subscription now. Sometimes in life we say yes to so many things we forget what we say yes to. For all I know I could have signed up for a free trial while filling out a survey (yes, I'm a survey fan). Case in point, it's important to take a break from agreeing to be everywhere. We all deserve to slow down and read a magazine then and again.

top: J.CREW (old) // jeans: JOES // flats: J.CREW FACTORY (similar) // earrings: NORDSTROM // notebook: TARGET (similar)

S. Roderick

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