Lydia Mondavi Eye Cream

We've all read the beauty articles telling us what products we should be using from day to day, but how many of us actually invest the appropriate amount of time in our skincare regimen?
A few months ago I suddenly realized it was time to start using an eye cream. Since many cost upwards of $50, I decided to see if Target had a decent product to try out first. I left with this Lydia Mondavi Eye Cream and the thought that maybe the woman is apart of the Robert Mondavi family. I mean, it does say Napa Valley on the bottle.

The What: For me, this eye cream has helped with dark circles, leading to an overall younger appearance. Some of its other listed benefits are minimized appearance of fine lines, reduced puffiness, and an antioxidant defense effect.

The How: I try to use it twice daily, morning and night, by applying a small amount of the liquid around my eyes, focusing on the under eye area. Unfortunately I am bad at using it twice daily, but I've still noticed significant results.

S. Roderick

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