Bridal Shower Invite

My oldest sister Kelsey is getting married on New Years Eve, and although the wedding is the main event, the bridal shower is the pre-party. A few weeks ago my mom and I tackled the bridal shower invites, and here is how they turned out.

They were incredibly easy to make, but a little bit time consuming. Also, have you seen the glitter/metallic flakes/beautiful decorative accent things at Michael's lately? My mom and I may have gotten carried away in that section.
I made the card design on InDesign and we picked up paper from the Paper Source.

We used these flakes on the outer edge of the card so that they wouldn't cover the words on the card.

This was my favorite glitter. I mean, how cool is it?

 We used this spray adhesive to coat the card before sprinkling our fun glitter.

We punched two holes in the top of the cardstock to slip the ribbon through. 

Off and ready to be mailed out!

S. Roderick


  1. I'm loving the glitter flecks! Those are seriously the prettiest bridal shower invites I've seen! You and your mom did an AMAZING job!

  2. Thanks, Courtney! That's so sweet! The flecks were my favorite part.

    S. Roderick


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