Home Crush Friday!

One of my guilty television pleasures is watching home remodeling and interior design shows on HGTV. I find it incredibly inspiring to see what a group of people (or even just one or two!) can do with a place that's lacking a little TLC. The home projects can give homes a clean slate and families a fresh start.
This weeks HCF reminded me of the joy I have for home remodels. The photo gallery of this Spanish-style Dallas home includes one image of the house before it got a facelift. It's a total 180 that left the space with character and charm that looks cozy and slightly aged. . . in the best way.

If you have some time or just love looking at interior design like me, be sure to spend some time on the link. The home was created by MORE design + build, and the company's portfolio is filled with beautiful, unique homes.

S. Roderick


  1. Beautiful, xo!

    1. Could you imagine coming home to that everyday?

      S. Roderick


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