Pajama Casual

 We all have them. Those days where you struggle to crawl out of bed. You hit snooze one time too many, and once you actually get up you reach the big decision: what to wear.
It's unfortunate that so many pieces of clothing are uncomfortable. They bunch, stick, itch, isn't it bad enough we have to wear bras? Uncomfortable clothing is not what I choose to wear on a slow morning. Instead I head straight for my loose black pants. When I paired them with this silk top, I couldn't help but think about pajamas. Not only does this casual look resemble pajamas, it felt just as comfortable. The lightweight material made it easy to feel the cool breeze on this hot day too!

 top: MADEWELL (old, similar) // pants: OLD NAVY // shoes: TARGET // headband: J.CREW (old, similar) // bag: H&M // earrings: FOREVER21

S. Roderick


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