For most of elementary school and middle school I wore a uniform. And I don't really recall having a problem with it. Looking back now, the uniforms were kind of cute.

I think I still wear a uniform at this point in my life. It changes by season and varies in colors, textures, patterns, and accessories, but it's still there. For fall, it's composed of jeans and sweaters. Sweaters are pretty magical though. I'm a firm believe that a great sweater can change your day. Although I bought this one awhile back, and it now has the holes of a well loved sweater, it's the perfect dose of fall feelings to warm my mood on any day.

 sweater: J.CREW FACTORY (similar, also similar) // jeans: JOES // loafers: GAP (also like these) // rings: FLEA MARKET // sunglasses: MADEWELL

S. Roderick

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