Glen Ivy Hot Springs

Last month when my sister Kelsey was in town my mom took us to Glen Ivy for a little pre-wedding R&R. This was my second time here, and with help from my mom and sisters, I've got a system down.

After checking in, we started our morning at Club Mud where there is the option of taking a dip in the mud pool or slathering mud on your body from the mud mound. We always go for the mound. Once covered, we relax and gossip in the heated cave until the mud is dry. Then you just brush it all off and rinse in a warm shower.

Next up, a little time spent in the sun near the pool until our Grotto appointment. Sometimes we order a few cocktails, take a dip in the cool water or even explore the resort. There are many pools, but we normally opt for the big one.

Grotto probably wins the family favorite award. It's a must-do when visiting Glen Ivy. The elevator drops down into the ground where we're greeted by spa assistants. In the first room, the warm treatment is painted on our bodies, and once done, we're sent into the next room where we rub the treatment into our skin for 15 minutes. The rain showers await us with warm water and resort products. Then we head to the cool, rainforest-like room to finish the event.

In the afternoon we'll either do massages or facials or we'll wade in any of the many pools or mineral pools. We always end our day with a hot steam followed by showers. You can learn more about Glen Ivy Hot Springs here.

S. Roderick

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  1. I remember going to this spa in high school! Sounds like you had a very relaxing day :)

    Lauren | Disco Daydream


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