What You're Not Looking For

You know how you can never find what you're looking for when you need it most? That's been my story for the past few months while looking for a bridesmaids dress for my sister's New Years Eve wedding. Well, I'm running low on time. . . and energy.

So maybe I haven't been lucky when it comes to the dress I NEED, but I did find another. I think it would make a great holiday party dress or New Years Eve dress. I saw it while shopping for work clothes at Banana Republic, and it was 40 percent off. How could I say no? Besides, there may come a day when I need a black dress with a little shimmer and, just like my bridesmaids dress, I may have trouble finding it. Sometimes you have to give in and get exactly what you're not look for.

| dress: BANANA REPUBLIC | coat: J.CREW FACTORY | shoes: KOHL'S
necklace: TIFFANY & CO 

S. Roderick


  1. Give in & buy exactly what you're not looking for. Haha. That's the nature of life sometimes. :] // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

    1. I don't always live by the whole "if you can't stop thinking about it, get it" motto, but sometimes it is worth it. Even if it's not at all what you were looking for.

      S. Roderick

  2. BR do great dresses! Love how you styled yours :)

    Ali xo

  3. beyond obsessed with this dress. You look amazing, girl. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. :) xx

    Fash Boulevard


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