Best Way to Polish Silver

I may never own my own silverware; It doesn't fit with my style, and it's definitely not as popular as it once was. But I do make my rounds at Goodwill looking for treasures, and occasionally I come across a silver luxury.

Since many people will own something silver in their lifetime, I believe that knowing how to take care of your silver is a practical and valued skill. At my home we've always used store bough silver polish, but on Apartment Therapy I found a more natural alternative. So I put the two to the test.

Natural Polish

Store-Bought Polish

Both methods worked, but looking at the items in person, the store-bought polish worked better. It was messier, took more time, and required a little extra elbow grease, but the finished product was clearer. For the natural method the items needed to soak longer than recommended, but I like this method if you're polishing many items.

S. Roderick

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