My Tips for Holiday Shopping Online

My Tips for Holiday Shopping Online

During the holidays the mall can be a beautiful place. The store windows show mannequins dressed in sparkles and winter coats, and the whole building is laced with red and green Christmasy bliss. At the same time shopping centers are filled with people. . . sometimes angry, impatient people; the type of people that can completely kill your holiday vibe. 

Since I don’t do well with crowds, I decided to do most of my shopping online this year. I’ll still make a trip to the mall to see a big tree, and sip hot apple cider while breathing in the Christmas spirit, but I’m not putting myself through the pressure of searching for the perfect gift with hundreds of other people. If you’ve decided to do most of your shopping online too, I’m more than happy to share my tips for holiday shopping online.

{EBATES} You’ve probably seen the commercial, and if you haven’t signed up yet, I encourage you to do so now. When you make online purchases through the website you get a certain percent of the money you spent back. It’s ridiculously easy to use, free, and when you sign up you get a $10 giftcard! GO!

{Shop around} If you’re buying a product that’s sold elsewhere, look for the most inexpensive option while taking the cost of shipping into account. Purchase after purchase I find products going for the same price, but some store always offers free shipping.

{Keep watch} We’re a couple weeks out from Christmas, which means you don’t have to make purchases quite yet. Check how long shipping takes and if it's 8 days or fewer, check in on them daily to see if you can snag a deal. I’ve been watching the gifts I plan on getting for Alex, and I noticed one went on sale Thursday, so I swooped and made my purchase. I’m still waiting on his other two gifts. *Note: Don’t do this if there is a reason to fear an item going out of stock.

{Think Etsy} Etsy is a refreshing resource for unique gifts. It also helps me feel less guilty about my online shopping because I’m supporting small businesses. Here are a couple shops I like: Upper Metal Class, Up in the Air Somewhere, The Bower Studio, and Wind & Willow Home.

What are some of your online shopping tips?


S. Roderick


  1. Good tips indeed, Etsy can be the place where you can get unique things and things that have so much aesthetic value that you cannot put too high of a price on it costly but functionally and sentimentally its incredibly valuable.

    1. I completely agree, and there are so many diverse shops on Etsy that you can really find something for everyone! Thanks for commenting!

      S. Roderick


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