Post-Grad Job Search

In the months before graduating, the fear of not getting a job easily seeped into every corner of my life. At the time I don't think I recognized the power this fear had over me, but now it's hard to neglect. I felt stressed all of the time, I was irritable and I didn't enjoy my last few months of college as much as I could have. Seven months and a paid internship later, I'm still not where I'd hoped to be, but I'm comfortable and content with my place. More importantly, I'm young and have years of experience ahead of me. So today I want to reflect on my post-grad job search and share what I learned.

1. Expect it to take time. Even though I landed my first job during college, it took me awhile to get a job in Orange County. Job hunting doesn't always take long, but if you expect it to, you won't get discouraged when it takes longer than you think.

2. Try not to get discouraged. This goes hand in hand with the tip above. My parents told me they were surprised that I didn't seem to be getting discouraged. This was in part because I directed my discouraged thoughts toward Alex, but it was also because of my determination. If you're feeling down about the rejection, take a break.

3. Spice up your resume. I'm lucky to be in a creative field where uniqueness is encouraged. I created my resume using InDesign, and I believe the neat design is directly related to the number of interviews I got. This may not work for business or science jobs.

4. Know where you want to apply. Before I graduated I made a list of companies in Orange County that I wanted to apply to. It gave me a jump start at applying and sending resumes because I didn't need to search for jobs, but instead skipped over to the companies' websites.

5. Be prepared. I'm sure you've read it before, but do your research on companies you interview with and bring a notebook. I always took notes of any advice I was given or any programs a company used. Just remember eye contact is equally as important.

6. Be flexible. Don't limit your search to jobs you think you'll enjoy. You'd be surprised what opening yourself up to new opportunities can bring.

Above all else remember that everything will work out in the long run, so relax a little and enjoy the ride. Are there any other tips that have helped you?

S. Roderick


  1. I graduated college four and a half years ago and still remember my struggles! Thank you for sharing these great tips :)


    1. It's encouraging to hear you say you remember them meaning that they end! I've learned a lot, but I definitely feel like I'm still in the struggle. Thanks for commenting.

      S. Roderick

  2. Thanks for the tips.I know that feeling


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